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Terms of Service
Currently, Clear Choice (We) work with Sellers who utilize Rasmus online auction house (Auctioneers).  We are subject to the same policies and rules as the winning bidders. 

AUCTIONEER PICK UP POLICY: Items are to be picked up during the designated pick up times unless otherwise agreed upon by the Seller and Buyer/Bidder (Buyer).

Buyer authorizes the Auctioneer to release Buyer's assets to any individual in possession of the Buyer's documents.  Necessary documents for removal include a copy of the invoice showing "Paid in Full", a legible photocopy of the Buyer's driver's license, and a photocopy of the credit card used (last 4 digits and name on the card must be visible).

​After the scheduled removal, remaining items will be considered abandoned and again become the property of the Seller.

SHIPPING SERVICE:  Once the "Request a Quote" form has been completed, We will issue a quote via email to the Buyer. This must be accepted or declined within 24 hours of its issuance.

We must have the required removal documents from the Buyer prior to the final hour of the Seller designated pick up/removal time.  If We have not received all required documentation within this timeframe, We will not be allowed to remove the Buyer's items.  Buyers must contact the Seller or Auctioneer at this time.

Once items have been picked up and properly weighed, measured, boxed, taped, and/or palletized, We will send the Buyer a shipping invoice via Square.  Buyers must check their email (also check SPAM and JUNK folders) and pay that invoice within 24 hours of issuance.

​A credit card and convenience fee of 5% will be charged once the 24 hours has passed without a paid shipping invoice.  The Buyer should receive a refund of the shipping costs minus the 5% fee within 5 to 7 business days of issuance.

All contact in regards to auction items prior to the the close of the auction and after the close of the pick up/removal day will be between the Buyer, the Seller, and the Auctioneer.  Clear Choice does not have access to your items at these times with or without Buyer documentation.